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SCF is a national vocational training institution recognized by the Ministry of Labour under the 40/87 law, composed by 43 participating institutions managing a total of 86 training centers in 10 regions. SCF works primarily to provide a representative and effective coordination of action to all members, with a specific focus on the methodologies, evaluation, innovation and the transfer of good practices.
SCF promotes projects and activities in support of human resources, real protagonists in the training courses. For this reason, it organizes and supports training activities and encourages the development of services to make the activities of the Associates increasingly appropriate and competitive, SCF is also active in European projects since 2000.
The main beneficiaries of our educational activities are the youth in the age group 15 – 20 years and low skilled people.
In 2015, the set of SCF members has made a total of 14,537,162 training hours (data sent to the Ministry of Labour) for a total of 19,499 beneficiaries and involved 1,298 implemented routes.


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