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Barka Foundation is a civic organization founded in 1989 by Thomas and Barbara Sadowski. It was after the fall of communism, a difficult period of transition with problems of unemployment, addiction and eviction. Today Barka Foundation is one of 50 entities associated in the international Barka Network. Within the Networ there is a holistic system organized to help a vulnerable person rebuild the life. Barka has started five programs: I. Communities program (space for rooting and rebuilding identity) II. program of education and social and professional reintegration (through the Social Integration Centres, associations and groups of self-education) III. employment program (creating social enterprises) IV. affordable housing program (through settlements social and ecological construction) V. program to create local partnerships (for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in Poland and in Europe). Barka itselfe is running two recreational resorts, organic farms and restaurants to create work places for socially excluded people.