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« AID », for Integrated Actions of Development, it is a multitude of social and professional integration projects, articulated around vocational training and/or employment. The centers of the AID network are intended to respond to situations of inequality, developing concrete projects, carried out by actors of change, with and for people living the reality of social, economic, political and cultural exclusion. The actions are implemented by working with people their individual and collective emancipation as active citizens.

The training centers of the “AID” network supports the socio-professional integration process of people over 18 years, with little or no qualifications, and with difficulties to find a job. The AID centers offer a wide range of training courses (nursing assistants, literacy, horeca, construction and eco-construction, household help, horticulture, office automation …). The federation has 5 missions delegated by all its affiliated centers:

  • the delegated management of external relations and political relations on behalf of all,
  • information and communication,
  • reflection and pedagogy,
  • development,
  • management assistance.

AID has a methodological expertise in the support of training operators for fragile and/or precarious group.

AID has also been working for many years on the creation of bridges and pathways based on standards: business, skills, training and evaluation. All this work is part of the reflection on the European Qualification Framework.