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Scuola Centrale Formazione participated with a stand to the Artusian Festival ( in Forlimpopoli on 27/6/2017.

The Artusian Festival is a very famous festival in Italy dedicated to the most famous gastronome in Italy living between the XIXth and the XXth Century, Pellegrino Artusi, author of the manual “Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well”.

This Festival is based on criteria of sustainability, giving strict constraints to all organizations that want to take part in the Festival and offer their products, such as:

  • requirements about the origin (at least 50% of local products, seasonal, priority for traditional recipes, organic farming and breeding methods, autochthonous breeds),
  • nutritional quality of food (OGM free, only bio-eggs or outdoor-breeding eggs allowed, meats from intensive breeding not allowed, etc.),
  • compulsory use of organic, compostable dishes, cutlery, table cloth and towels for the service, etc.

Scuola Centrale Formazione managed a stand promoting the project outputs together with some gourmand, sustainable and educational tasting prepared and served by a group of students from Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Marche and Puglia regions with fresh local milk and fresh local seasonal fruit and vegetables, as a final exhibition of their educational path about sustainable catering.

The stand was officially inaugurated by the Major of Forlimpopoli and by an officer from the Department of Employment, Education, Vocational Training and international cooperation of the Region Emilia Romagna, at the presence of other local authorities (the deputy-major, the Assessor in charge of Education and Productive Activities), the President, Deputy President and Director of Casa Artusi, representatives of the Tourism Board of Lower Silesia (PL), Agency of Rural Development of the Istrian Region and the Istrian Region (HR), partners from Romania (CIVITAS Foundation, Coop.Agricola Lunca Somes mic.), managers from VET organisations from different regions of Italy, trainees, chefs and food passionated.

Informative materials about the project, with a QR code that enabled to connect directly to the project’s website and its intellectual output, were distributed at the stand, during the offer of the educational tastings, while educational videos about the project outputs were reproduced on a monitor.

The dishes served as educational tasting were selected among different proposals submitted by the pilot education teams to a panel of educators.

The selection was based on sustainability criteria: seasonality, low environmental impact of raw materials, suitability for vegetarian diets, cooking techniques respectful of the nutritional and organoleptic properties of ingredients and with efficient energy consumption (e.g. raw-food, sous-vid low temperature cooking, bagnomaria…); Authorities congratulated with the trainees serving at the stand, who were selected thanks to their diligence during the educational activities within the project.
In total 13 international guests (from Belgium, Croatia, Romania and Poland) and 33 Italian guests (without counting the project partners and their trainees) attended the multiplier event, that was announced by a Professional Journalist, Romano Benini (author of a TV program in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour on the national television – “Il posto giusto” (“the proper place”), specialized in Labour, Vocational Training and Employment policies and sociology, who is also a lecturer in some Italian Universities.

The streaming video of the Opening Ceremony was followed by 350 persons:

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