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The first multiplier event in Italy, i.e. a study visit to an emblematic place was organized and carried out by Scuola Centrale Formazione on 30 June 2016 following the Steering Committee meeting in Bologna.

The multiplier event was held in Casa Artusi, a museum complex dedicated to the food culture and Italian cuisine in Forlimpopoli in the name of Pellegrino Artusi. Casa Artusi offers different kinds of experiences: cookery lessons, educational tasting, restaurant services, conference services, gastronomic library, museum…

There, during the multiplier event, cookery workshops and a conference about the Eco-restaurateur products were carried out by Scuola Centrale Formazione, involving trainers and trainee in an educational workshop in the cookery school of Casa Artusi and trainers and managers, institutions, journalists and enterprise representatives in the conference presenting the first project output.  

This event was included in the programme of the Artusian Festival, a very popular fair about food-culture and gastronomy organised every year by the City of Forlimpopoli (FC) – Italy, attracting more than 130.000 visitors.

42 people in total attended the multiplier event, including 20 representatives from partners (Italian, Belgian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian) and 22 external guests (18 Italian people and 2 people from UK).

Among the 22 external guests, we cite:

  • a journalist that is member of the Association “Chef to Chef” from Emilia Romagna
  • a very famous food-blogger, who has conducted for 6 months during EXPO 2015 in Milan a TV programme on the Italian National Radio-Television service about quality cuisine and fight to food waste (the TV programme was called “Cooking show”
  • a chef working in the Restaurant of an agro-tourism acknowledged with 1 star in the Micheline Gastronomy Guide, thanks to their high quality cuisine based on the products (literally “Km 0”) of the farm where the restaurant is situated;
  • the Catering and hospitality work based assessor at Coleg Cambria (UK)
  • the work Based learning manager at Coleg Cambria (UK)
  • a researcher from the University of Bologna, co-founder of the spin-off “Last Minute Market”, specialised in Food Waste monitoring, prevention and education;
  • the Culinary Events Manager from Barilla group (the Italian family owned food company, established in 1877, and now an international Group present in more than 100 countries). Barilla group has a Foundation that support research, dissemination and educational projects about the “Double pyramid of Nutrition” and other themes related to Food sustainability
  • the President of Casa Artusi
  • the director of the “Antoniano onlus”, a no-profit organisation offering free meals to people in poverty and other services for the support and inclusion of people in need;
  • directors and trainers from Vocational training centers and schools from different regions of Italy
  • project developers of social enterprises or their consortia, working for the employment of disadvantaged people with low qualification and long term unemployed.

Some presentations offered during the multiplier event and debate:


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